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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London


Emerging Brands Spotlight: Nulty Bespoke

Emerging Brands Spotlight: Nulty Bespoke

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Introducing Nulty Bespoke - The specialist designer and manufacturer of beautifully hand-crafted, custom and bespoke lighting pieces. We talk to Managing Director Trevor Morgan about Nulty's bright future in the industry.

About Nulty Bespoke

1)   Introduce your company:

Special spaces deserve exceptional light fittings: lovingly designed, handcrafted, and beautifully constructed. Lighting that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings but stands out as a work of art. At Nulty Bespoke, we create lighting pieces that do just that. With our experience of luminaire design, our knowledge of materials, and our in-depth understanding of the manufacturing processes, we provide bespoke lighting solutions of the utmost quality.

2) Talk us through your latest product/s:

We have been very fortunate to have worked on a wide range of projects, which in turn, has resulted in wide & differing bespoke luminaire solutions. We have used a huge variety of materials, processes and finishes across these projects. We’ve recently delivered products for Google, a Michellin starred restaurant, two private residences and a 5* hotel.

3) What goals would you like to achieve for your company in the future?

To be the chosen destination for handcrafted, custom luminaires that have unparalleled attention to detail.

About 100% DESIGN

4) Why did you choose to exhibit at 100% Design?

We do things a little differently and we believe the bespoke nature of our products match with the visitor demographics and that of our target audiences.


About the industry

5) A recent ‘Dezeen’ Article has highlighted the fact that the vast majority of designers are under 40 - Do you feel that design lacks maturity?

I think that this article may have mis-analysed the survey data. I expect that when the survey was carried out and “job title” was one of the questions, it didn’t take into account that a lot of the most senior designers will either own the company or have titles such as “Associate”, “Partner” or “Director. In my experience, there are plenty of designers who are over 40 – me being one of them.

6) In contemporary society an online presence is key in order to grow your design firm – How do you utilize the internet to increase your customer base?

A great website is critical. We then utilise social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest to “feed traffic” to our site. Blogs are a great way of creating “traffic”, but our most effective tool is the Case Studies section of our website – people enquiring often refer to specific projects within the case studies.

About the individual

7) What made you want to become a designer?

I was always good at art but school and the Career Advisor had no clue as to what I should do with that, apart from “be a graphic designer”. It is only once I was on an Art Foundation Course and then a Multidisciplinary Design degree, that I started to have an idea of the possibilities. It was clear that I could “think in 3D’, and so naturally gravitated into product design.

8) Establishing networks is important for an emerging design firm – How did you go about growing yours?

The old-fashioned way! Nothing beats meeting people face-to-face; you will know within seconds if you will be able to work together. Inevitably custom products require detailed collaboration with clients and other designers such as interior designers and architects. Relationships are therefore absolutely key to the success of the project.




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