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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London


Emerging Brands Spotlight: Autolykus

Emerging Brands Spotlight: Autolykus


Introducing Autolykus - The design studio and workshop with a unique twist! We talk to the design duo about their bespoke handmade creations and just how they transform everyday objects.

About Autolykus

1)   Introduce your company:

We are named for our character, the mischief-maker and snapper up of unconsidered trifles, the scavenger artist. Turning white to black and black to white, metamorphosis and mischief readily at our fingertips. We make beautiful monsters from objects of obsolescence... we make stuff from stuff.

2) Talk us through your latest product/s:

Our website went live in early August and we are currently moving into a permanent workshop. Everything starts life as a discarded object of interest, something from our vast collection. You see two pieces next to each other and they spark an idea, a concept evolves, a product is developed and realised.


3) What goals would you like to achieve for your company in the future?

We want to continually evolve and grow. Collaborating with the people we meet and pushing our design ability. It would be nice to be in a position where we could take on apprentices to pass on the skills we ourselves have learned through our hands on approach to making. 

About 100% DESIGN

4) Why did you choose to exhibit at 100% Design?

100% Design is a hot bed of ideas and innovation. We want to be a part of that.


About the industry

5) A recent ‘Dezeen’ Article has highlighted the fact that the vast majority of designers are under 40 - Do you feel that design lacks maturity?

We are a duo, 69 and 31. Age is not a concern to us.

6) In contemporary society an online presence is key in order to grow your design firm – How do you utilize the internet to increase your customer base?

Our website was an important achievement in launching Autolykus, as it's accessible anywhere. We have followed that up with an Instagram account and Facebook as this allows us to show our products in a lifestyle setting along with things we find inspirational. In turn, allowing our clients and followers to see how we think and what else we might be up to.

About the individual

7) What made you want to become a designer?

We are both designer makers. David trained as a furniture maker and I studied contemporary crafts, specialising in metal work. I don't think either of us are content unless we are making something.

8) Establishing networks is important for an emerging design firm – How did you go about growing yours?

We are at the beginning of our design practice. We are building our network up through friends and colleagues, and adding Instagram and Facebook to that. We have a few design fairs and gallery exhibitions in the pipeline to further our ambitions.   





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