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25 Oct 2018

The bench that helps mothers breastfeed in public

Heer Bench
The product, known as Heer, which was showcased at 100% Design offers privacy and calm in public spaces to feed a baby including a seat that rotates and gently rocks to help calm babies.

A new bench which aims to make it easier for mothers to breastfeed in public discreetly and comfortably has been created by 52Hours, a boutique design studio based in Prague. The bench known as Heer was showcased at 100% Design in September and received an incredible response when visiting mothers started “spontaneously” using it to breastfeed.

The project, which was led by Ivana Preiss and Filip Vasic, together with Belgrade-based industrial designer Nikola Knezevic, aims to offer “a middle ground between the natural needs and often antagonistic cultural norms, between comfort and discretion,” according to the studio. They are not saying whether mothers should breastfeed in public or not. Of course they should breastfeed wherever and whenever they want. But a lacking public infrastructure for mothers who for whatever reason, prefer or need to feed their babies in more privacy is another thing.

Heer is currently in the final stage of development before being released to the market and the studio hopes the product can be rolled out in a multitude of public places, such as parks, shopping centres, airports, train terminals and various other public institutions and anywhere else mothers may need to feed their child. It has already had interest from private and public entities.

Preiss says: “Following our appearance at 100% Design we have had an interest from a lot of sides, most notably from a global retail chain and a city council of a European capital that is very interested in being the first in the world to install our benches in its municipality.”

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