18-21 Sept 2019 | Olympia London

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Design Fresh

NEW for 2018 - Design Fresh was a celebration of breakthrough design talent selected by 100% Design at New Designers and a selection by Barbara Chandler, design editor of Homes & Property at the London Evening Standard.

Each designer was chosen for their explorative ideas and original products ranging from plush interior accessories to intricate ceramics, contemporary furniture and everything in between. The showcase demonstrated a breadth of rising talent and exciting new perspectives.

Chosen by 100% Design at New Designers

Mac Colins

Mac Colins

Iklwa - Informed by the ideas of Afrocentrism and the aesthetic of Afrofuturism, Iklwa is a throne to inspire empowerment in the face of oppression. 
IG - @Maccollinsdesign
Joe Wonham

Joe Wonham

Eris Bar Stools - The Eris Bar Stools explore how we emotionally connect with an object. Soft, expanding foam is used to create an organic texture which stands out against the strong geometry of the rest of the design. 
IG - @joewonhamdesign
Gael Pellerin

Gael Pellerin

Nancy - Pellerin started the design with the angled back legs and the curved back which together compose a dramatic outline. The triangle shaped legs are inspired by Jean Prouvé’s work. 
IG - @gaelpellerin
Emma Chesterman

Emma Chesterman

In memory for & within arms reach - The chair is angled so the person sitting on it is turned towards their companion, creating a moment of relaxed intimacy. The design of the table is simple and elegant, with sculpted concrete bases to give stability to the hand turned tops. 
IG - @dead.marys
Gavin Keightley

Gavin Keightley

Aeolian Processes - A project formulated to explore how natural erosion can be used to create a series of objects; focusing on aeolian processes, commonly known as wind erosion. 
IG - @gasketdesign
Atticus Durnell

Atticus Durnell

That's Caffeine - A project inspired by the convention of sustainability and amount of coffee related waste. That's Caffeine is a product made with a use of used coffee grounds and biodegradable resin. 
IG - @aciddurnell
Reece Bilton

Reece Bilton

Manhattan floor lamp - Extruded aluminium and cast concrete lend this lamp a minimal, robust aesthetic. Well considered diffusion ensures the lamp creates a warm, comfortable glow.
IG - @reece_bilton_design
James Lewis

James Lewis

Libra Stool - The 'Libra Design' was a pursuit to evoke curiosity with furniture. The intention of interaction, play, and research on nomadic furniture helped encourage the final outcomes. An element of self-preservation when using the furniture ensures good posture and core exercise when in use.
IG - @jlewisdsigner
Abigail Chadwick

Abigail Chadwick

Bubl - Bubl is a 3-piece occasional table set designed to steer the consumer into using each table for a different purpose. Inspired by tessellation and naturally forming shapes, this collection of tables is a modern take on the more traditional nest tables.
IG - @abichad.designs
Poppy Pippin

Poppy Pippin

Moss Tiles - Wall tiles that encourage moss growth to improve air quality in the urban environment by absorbing carbon dioxide. 
IG - @poppy.pippin

Nominated by Barbara Chandler

Sam Lander

Sam Lander

Discarded takeaway polystyrene boxes, melted down and compressed, have become a new raw material for Sam, a recent graduate in 3D Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. He is using the old drum of a washing machine to spin rounded shapes.
Nia Rist

Nia Rist

Nia has her own workshop in Wales cutting and pasting a collage of artwork which she prints onto fabric by the metre, or for cushions, upholstery and lamps. “You could say that serendipity plays a big part in my work because often things just happen.”

Jan Waterston

Jan Waterston

Jan has a BA in furniture design and making from Rycotewood  college, and set up his own studio in Birmingham last year. He makes bespoke pieces for private clients and interior designers. “I explore concepts at the workbench, combining process, material, research and emotion.”
Juliet Munro

Juliet Munro

Juliet Munro has based the clever design of her folding step-stool on an original from the last century found at a market. In ten glossy colours, from ice-cream to primary, it doubles up as an extra seat. (The company name of Giggy & Bab is in memory of Juliet’s great-aunts). 
James Pegg

James Pegg

James was a teacher at London College of Fashion for ten years, but gave it up to found his own ceramics studio.  His unique style of “action casting” applies colour to the moulds before adding stained porcelain slip. No two vessels are the same.

Alice Funge

Alice Funge

Ceramicist Alice Funge has her own special style: onto her tactile wheel-thrown stoneware she prints an original recipe in the handwriting of her late grandmother. Glazes are thick and lustrous, and coloured slip recreates the splatters of cake mix.

Phoebe Deeprose

Phoebe Deeprose

Inspired by the folklore of plants and weeds,  Phoebe has developed a distinctive style of meticulously-drawn and detailed patterns of delicate flower bouquets and leafy stems, with careful shading and subtle neutral shades printed onto fine wool, velvet and other cloths.

Lucy Grainge

Lucy Grainge

Fabric banners and limited edition prints by artist Lucy Grainge (who has a degree from Glasgow School of Art) focus on dyslexia, which she has experienced from an early age. She has developed stencil-based “risographs” which are affordable and sustainable.

Aase Hopstock

Aase Hopstock

Norwegian-born Aase Hopstock is a fashion designer, now with a homeware brand, putting vivid pictorial prints onto fine bone china, kitchen textiles, velvet cushions, makeup/washbags,   eye-masks, and silk scarves. Wallpaper is in development. “I believe in beautiful everyday luxury.”

Diane Bresson

Diane Bresson

Diane is a new graduate from Central St Martin’s, who has won a Colour in Design Award for her stunning wallcoverings, with simple motifs in sophisticated colourings. “I am interested in how craft and technology can combine for dynamic patterns.” 
Freya Whamond & Sam Bolt

Freya Whamond & Sam Bolt

These two graduates of Rycotewood college have set up Troo Studio in their own workshop in Hereford, making pieces in wood from smaller items for the home to bespoke heirloom furniture. “We like to experiment with the making process, and with materials that complement wood.”

Lizzie Hillier

Lizzie Hillier

Textile artist Lizzie Hillier’s screen-printed fabrics come as fabric by the metre, lampshades, cushions and so on. Her bold design is on a vintage chair upholstered by Nicki Tarr of Spring Upholstery in Brighton. “I’m influenced by the Abstract Impressionists and Matisse cut-outs.”


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