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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London


Emerging Brands Spotlight: Osberg & Martin

Emerging Brands Spotlight: Osberg & Martin

Introducing Osberg & Martin - Inspired by history and designed for the future, Osberg & Martin manufacture bespoke, luxury clocks.  Their products combine innovative design, with exclusive customisation to create a harmonious display of art and time.  

About the company 

1) Introduce your company:

Inspired by history and designed for the future, Osberg & Martin manufacture bespoke, luxury clocks.  Our product combines innovative design, with exclusive customisation to create a harmonious display of art and time. 

2) Talk us through your latest product/s?:

Our products are quite unique in so much as we offer a customisable clock made from Aluminium.  We can provide our customers with a number of different finishes, ranging from powder coating to plating with precious metals.

3) What goals would you like to achieve for your company in the future?:

In the immediate future I would like to be able to achieve a production level of 200 – 300 clocks per year and from there re-invest in order to expand the business nationally and then possibly internationally.  My long term ambition is to create a brand that will be recognised as being one of extremely high quality, along with the other manufacturing giants based in the UK.

About 100% Design

4) Why did you choose to exhibit at 100% Design?:

My first experience of the exhibiting world was through Media 10 and having had reasonable success at the NEC with GDL 2016, I wanted to complete more shows in order to raise the company profile.  Having consulted with Media 10 over the possibility of taking part in other exhibitions, 100% Design was shortlisted as one of a few shows that would be most suitable for my product and so I booked some space in the Emerging Brands section. 


About the industry

5) A recent ‘Dezeen’ Article has highlighted the fact that the vast majority of designers are under 40 - Do you feel that design lacks maturity?:

I think that being innovative is absolutely key to driving forward every aspect of life and if the majority of new ideas are coming from those with a younger perspective then I think everyone should embrace that. Maturity brings masses of experience but in the time it takes to build that knowledge, individuals can sometimes become routine in their approach towards things.  For individuals at the start of their career in design, there are many techniques to learn and adapt and at this stage anything becomes possible because in many cases you learn by doing, which leads to the generation of more inspirational ideas.  For this reason I don’t think Design does lack maturity because in life the general tone is to better ourselves, whether it be through improving the environment, cultural difference or even the design features on a tool to make it easier to use, we have to keep moving forward.  The alternative to this is to keep doing things in the same way, which isn’t very wise or mature.

6) In contemporary society an online presence is key in order to grow your design firm – How do you utilize the internet to increase your customer base?:

At the moment I have a website up and running, which is backed up by a presence on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  I am looking into other forms of social media as well as using functions like Analytics to improve my customer base.

About the individual

7) What made you want to become a designer?:

I have enjoyed making things my whole life and in turn am fascinated by the way other people make things.  I get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing something that has been put together with real care and been designed with style, colour and practicality in mind.

8) Establishing networks is important for an emerging design firm – How did you go about growing yours?:

The idea of growth with my company is ongoing but at the moment I have had the most success from attending exhibitions as an exhibitor and using Instagram.  In the future I am planning to spend more money on marketing and expanding my presence on social media.




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