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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London


Emerging Brands Spotlight: KC Design

Emerging Brands Spotlight: KC Design

Introducing KC Design - KC Design is a design studio which uses mesmerising photographic patterns and geometry to create pictures, rugs, wallpapers and modern acrylic light block sculptures to fascinate and be enjoyed by others.

About the company 

1) Introduce your company:

KC Design is an artist driven business founded by Kate Cledwyn which creates images for interior design. Ephemeral images that most take little or no notice of are captured through the lens of a camera.  A splash of a wave, a corner of a building, a traffic light.

“The details are not the details. They make the design” – Charles Eames.

With simple manipulation of reflection, repetition and enlargement, surprising shapes and patterns emerge. The outcome is a new perspective, often abstract. All designs have an engaging story to tell to enhance the work.Designs are available mounted in acrylic or printed directly on to aluminium. The new collection uses wallpaper and fabrics as the latest medium to dramatic effect.

2) Talk us through your latest innovations?:

As a natural progression to use our designs we have introduced wallpapers and fabrics. ‘Water’ is the focus to introduce our first collection. Flowing images are frozen on camera then mirrored and enlarged. Only on closer inspection is the source revealed; a splash of a wave, the reflection of a boat. Life above and below water are merged revealing surprising and mesmerising patterns which work beautifully on statement walls, roman blinds and upholstery.

3) How do you get from the concept to the final product?

“I tend to shoot from the hip. I am inspired by the details in nature and the cityscape. The minutiae in things shout out to me - they seem to elevate themselves from the subject. By capturing them on camera I can share them through my interior products, by bringing external images into the home the circle is completed for me.”

About 100% Design

4) What can visitors expect to see at your stand?:

I am returning to 100% with a new collection of wallpapers and fabrics bathed in a watery context. Perfectly aligned with 100% Design’s 2017 focus around the ‘Elements’, my ‘Water’ theme is a mindful reflection of tranquillity for commercial and residential use.


About the industry

5) What would you say are the prominent trends within Interior design and art/photography at the moment?:

I love the current Ikat trend within interiors and fashion. Ikat is a traditional dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, traditionally from Indonesia. My latest designs Flumes,Flow and Lakes are unintentionally similar in style yet right on trend.


About the individual

6) What made you want to become a designer/artist?:

There seems to be another level in things I see – a building, a wave, a pond - all reveal new dimensions which I capture and expose on to 2d and 3d forms – from wall art to wallpaper and sculpture.

7) Establishing networks is important for an emerging design firm – How did you go about growing yours?:

We are growing organically and building the brand through targeted events such as 100% design and direct contacts. Social media supports the business but recommendation is our strongest network.





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