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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London


Emerging Brands Spotlight: Deni Lillian Art

Emerging Brands Spotlight: Deni Lillian Art

Introducing Deni Lillian Art - The art studio based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire that creates abstract, vibrant and relevant art to the surroundings of the commission. 

About the company

1) Introduce your company:

I started Deni Lillian Art in 2010. I have always enjoyed art as a hobby but then decided to take the plunge, leave my day job. I called it The Deni Lillian Studio then in late 2015 I rebranded and renamed it to (FCC Ltd t/a) Deni Lillian Art.

2015 was a turning point gaining my biggest commission to date for one of the largest construction companies in the UK - Bellway Homes - 71 pieces for a luxury development in Chiswick, London for the communal areas, being then nominated for an award in the Contract Product category in the Society of British and International Design Awards 2015 for this commission was an amazing honour at the Dorchester Hotel, London. 

2) Talk us through your latest product/s?:

I am forever looking at different ways of creating art for clients. I like to use lots of texture when creating traditional art. This year I have been using a variety of paints and enamels as well as acrylic paint and adding others items like gemstones and minerals like Peacock Ore which I incorporate into the art. Also, my Art from Art where creating art digitally by taking a piece of art that I have created and photographing it. Recreating it on photoshop and changing it to a completely new piece unrecognisable from the original canvas and then it is printed on to whatever the client would prefer. The most popular is acrylic glass and high definition metal. As my hobby is now photography I also use these as well. This can be seen on my website and again all of these are bespoke one off.

3) What makes your products/services stand out from the competition?:

My art will look amazing in any environment from Private Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Luxury Developments, Public Spaces and Hospitals etc as the art is created with the client, surroundings and budget in mind. I am an independent professional artist and not tied to a publishing house. I am able to meet with the interior designer, architect or their clients, as well as be onsite on the day the art is hung etc if required, therefore giving my full attention to client from first consultation meeting to installation as well as arranging for delivery and the art to be hung if needed.


About 100% Design

4) Why did you choose to exhibit at 100% Design?:

This year I decided to do a tradeshow and after looking at a few others I decided the 100% Design show would give me a great platform to show what I can do. To see as many people as possible in the time there. 4 days is ideal as it gives me plenty of time to meet potential clients as well as other creative people.


About the industry

5) What would you say are the prominent trends within Interior design at the moment:

In relation to my work this would be a hard one to answer as with all art it is like marmite you either like it or you don’t. but I do know that texture in general is up there at the moment. I do like to keep an idea of what is in and what is not but with art you are buying it with longevity and needs to be timeless even abstract. Wall fillers from the high street will always have the latest trends in mind I feel and are cheap enough that you could change them every year!

6) In contemporary society an online presence is key in order to grow your design firm – How do you utilize the internet to increase your customer base?:

Social Media, Social Media, Social Media, the necessary evil we all have to live with but if a company does not exist on the net with a website and at least twitter – they do not exist anymore!? I use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ YouTube Flickr, Instagram and the list goes on. I find LinkedIn the most beneficial and have made some very good contacts and commissions through this site. I am not sure how much the others help although I would say Facebook and Instagram are also good. I still think meeting people is the best way and actually talking but the internet does give you more options and more doors to open.

About the Individual

7) What made you want to become a designer?:

I guess being a designer or an artist is the same almost! We all create and we all hope that people love what we do. Whether it is the design of a chair, a shoe or art etc. It starts from an idea and that is why I wanted to take my passion of creativity in all its forms and channel it into something I have done since a child. Ideas are put to paper and from that anything can happen!

8) What advice would you give to someone considering a career/starting out in this industry?:

You may have the idea of working in the creative arena and I am a firm believer of following ones dreams, I followed mine a lot later than I planned but I still followed it. BUT, yes there’s a BUT! Just be aware that a lot of time is spent in dealing with clients, marketing, selling, understanding what people want or not as the case maybe, sourcing materials, handling rejection and having a thick skin! So if your heart is set on becoming a designer/artist then you also need to set your head in business and maybe live on beans on toast for a while 😊 But definitely worth doing something you love.






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