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Report: Design is the key to happiness in the workplace


We’ve long been of the theory that the way in which a space is designed can have a seriously big impact on employees, and recent data from OfficeGenie.co.uk has backed this up.

Their research found design has a bigger impact on employee happiness than any other workplace factor: People who felt comfortable with the design of their space were found to be, on average, a 33% happier than people who did not.

This was significantly higher than other workplace comfort factors such as light, temperature, noise and social interaction levels.

Indeed, while flexible working is often cited as a key factor in workplace happiness, the Office Genie research found people who could work flexibly were only 12% happier than people who couldn’t. This again made it a much lower influencer than office design and layout.

Peter Ames, Head of Strategy at Office Genie, had the following to say about the findings: “Providing people with the environment they need in which to work at their best is arguably the most important step in ensuring staff are happy and productive.

“In the modern workplace, where things such as flexible working are increasingly at the forefront of workers concerns, we’d urge an even stronger focus on factors such as design and layout: The cliché of a dull, dreary office is increasingly anachronistic, and this data shows why this should be the case.”

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