100% Design

19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London




Frank&Faber to design the VIP & Press area for 100% Design and LuxuryMade


The VIP/Press area for this year’s 100% Design and LuxuryMade show has been sponsored by Bang & Olufsen and designed by brilliant interior design studio Frank&Faber in their trademark holistic style.

As the event engages the senses through a myriad of sights, sounds, products and people, the VIP and press space will provide a restorative retreat from the buzz of the exhibition floor that engages visitors, not just on an aesthetic and physical level, but on an emotional one too. This sensory focus will incorporate a feeling of discovery and well-being through the use of Frank&Faber’s trademark natural materials and abundant planting. It's going to look beautiful and we hope you will join us in a calm, comfortable space with plenty of feel-good factor to recharge, work or network during the event.

See their website here: http://www.frankandfaber.co.uk/

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