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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London




Barel celebrate their 60th anniversary, launching their products to the UK market for the very first time at 100% Design


In 2016 Barel celebrate sixty years of craftsmanship and innovation, and sixty years of authentic design, made in Italy and constantly evolving. It also marks the first time their products have been brought to the UK and we're very excited they'll be launching them from 100% Design. 

Barel are a company specialised in interior design, and born in Mondovi (CN, Italy) in September 1966: 60 years in the name of a design which combines artisan tradition and experimentation, 60 years of love for forged iron, 60 years of extreme care for every detail. 

Over the decades Barel has crossed fashions and trends without ever betraying its own identity and, at the same time, pursuing a path of research and innovation aimed at developing new forms of expression linked to the material symbol of the company, the forged iron. Functional and versatile, the forged iron has been renewed from time to time along with their identity. Beds, tables, bookcases, lamps, planters, chairs: a Barel product is more than just a beautiful piece of furniture. They are pieces of art born from the creativity of prestigious designers. Barel products are all hand made and thus they are really unique and of the highest quality.

See Barel within the Interiors sector at L613a.

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