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19-22 September 2018 | Olympia London




ALTAR FURNITURE Marks a Triumphant Return to 100%design


Altar Furniture returns to 100%design at Olympia London from 21-24 September, 2016 - a year after they first entered the scene with their Arcade Resurrection line of pinball machines refactored as coffee tables to officially launch The Great Tape and Amper – their two newest lines.


The GREAT TAPE collection of tables are huge scale copies of compact music cassettes functioning as furniture. With conversion kits available, the purpose of the same cassette allows for variation between coffee table, dining table and desk. Buyers can choose from a set of designs inspired by legendary demos, classic albums, bastardly bootlegs, music genres, recording superstars and even the teen-angst-ridden mixtape to capture the emotions of the world. Additionally, bespoke and customized designs can be delivered that match the buyer’s very own mixtape memories. Lest you worry about how you might keep the 120 meters of silk “tape” aligned, large scale pencils are available for use in a pinch – just like you remember it.


The AMPER collection brings the look and feel of seminal iconic music related objects. As an homage to the amplifiers that created walls of sound or utter distortion, these products are created using original parts together with long-lasting craftsmanship that bring an iconic environment and feel to your home, office or studio as poufs and coffee tables. To add that certain touch and requisite attitude, simple custom augmentations can be made in order to truly raise the client’s bravado.

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